This Western Peterbilt location services the Volvo D16 engine.

D16 Overview


Volvo’s new 2014 GHG-certified (Greenhouse Gas) D16 engine provides a fuel efficiency increase of up to 0.7%, thanks to innovative solutions to reduce engine friction. This includes a new low tension oil scraper ring and our clutched air compressor that saves fuel by completely declutching from the engine. Our new 2014 GHG D16 is engineered to provide maximum fuel efficiency and reliability.

With our D16 engine, Volvo takes power and performance to the next level. This ultra-reliable engine delivers the increased horsepower and torque needed to move large payloads with ease, even on steep grades. The Volvo D16 features advanced technology that requires less oil, fuel and maintenance. It’s one more way we’re protecting the environment while we help you rev up your bottom line.

Three power ratings are available in the range from 500 to 600 hp. The engine delivers impressive power in any situation with up to 2050 lbs.ft. of torque for excellent drivability. The variable geometry turbo also makes the engine very responsive while maximizing fuel economy.

The 550 Eco-Torque rating provides a “dual-personality” torque level unique in this horsepower class, which combines high performance with good fuel economy.

The XE16 — exceptional efficiency — packages feature the 16-liter Volvo D16 engine with 500 hp and up to 2050 lbs.ft. of torque. The first, a heavy-spec XE16 package rated for combination weights up to 143,000 pounds, was designed specifically for the North American heavy long combination vehicle (LCV) market. The second XE16 package combines exceptional fuel efficiency with outstanding performance for five-axle tractor-semitrailer combinations up to 80,000 pounds.

The Volvo D16 is sold in VNL Daycabs and Sleepers, and in the new VNX model, making it the perfect choice for line haul and heavy haul operations.

At 1500 rpm the standard I-VEB puts out an impressive 420 braking hp and a whopping 600 hp at 2200 rpm, an improvement by more than 20% over its predecessor. The I-VEB is controlled by a new brake stalk switch, allowing three engine-brake increments.

An oil drain interval of up to 50,000 miles with the low maintenance oil pan, which is an option in the VNL, helps to reduce operating costs. The D16 engine offers a dependable, fuel-efficient solution for heavy haul applications that require maximum muscle under the hood.

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